Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bollywood & Cricketers

These are my recent caricatures of bollywood stars and cricketers. The coloured version will upload as soon as completed


Pradeep Singh Bal said...

Nice work ... Keep going ..!

Kirtish Bhatt, Cartoonist said...

bahut badhiya manoj jee bahut hi badhiya.....
Cartoons ka intazar hai...
jab bhi post karein mujhe inform zaroor kariyega .... all the best

David Malan said...

Thanks for coming by, nice work of your own.
To color them, I would just raise the linework to a multiply layer then lay down a really rough color underneath. Basically get the colors you like without any structure or edge work. once you have that you can stop worrying about color and focus on the values,edges, etc.
I have a link on the right side of my blog titled "my digital painting process" that might help.

Murali said...

There is no only one good method to create things,Any how few suggestions,"1.Post your caricature with the actual figure so that outsiders can understand something ,
2.Spend few more time on shading that will project(exaggerate) the area even more,
3.Try at different poses."

All the best for all your attempts,
Great Start,I like the sharok ,the most.

yours lovingly

kasana said...

Good work dude.
But how about giving more details n color.
line n white page looks somewht boring...just a suggestion.
keep inspiring.

abhishek singh said...

hi manoj
ur caricatures are amazing ..keep up the good work..
keep drawing ...and keep painting your imagination.

C.B. Canga said...

thanks for stop'n by. i totally appreciate the feedback.