Monday, October 26, 2009


After very long time I am posting rendered caricature. Your suggestions, comments, critics welcome as always.


Kerby said...

nice photo's

Nelson Santos said...

Thats funny Manoj well done but hes not in Barcelona now.

Mahesh said...

Excellent Manoj.. really funny, nice exaggerations and amazing details. Great that you are in wittygraphy, I will come to you.
here i have one suggestion that do you really require his forehead bulging like this?

Manoj Sinha said...

Thanks Kerby, Nelson and Mahesh.
Mahesh, after so many doodles I visualized his forehead like football, that's why I bulged it. It is require or not that will decided by friends like you. Ha... Ha...Ha.

Wouter Tulp said...

Hi Manoj. Great drawing. You have a beatiful way of applying brush strokes. You asked me for some feedback, so here it goes: If you would like to make his head into a football, I'd suggest you push that Idea a little further. Make his head look even more like a football, so nobody will think why his forehead is so big.
On the other hand I think that it would be better to exaggerate one aspect most prominently. If you choose to telle the stry of his big teeth, then build the rest of the face around that. If you go for the football, make sure the rest of the face is drawn in order to support that specific idea. Be clear about your concept.
I think the head becomes more 3d if you define the shapes beter in some areas (for instance ear, chin in front of the neck)

Keep up the good work.



Manoj Sinha said...

Very true suggestion Wouter. Focus on the subject is essential. I will keep it in mind in future. Thanks a lot.

Jason Seiler said...

Looking good Manoj. Since you asked for a critique, I would suggest a couple things for this piece.
1. Spend a little more time on the eyes. They're looking good, but not finished.

2. Same with the mouth, it's looking good, but I'd take a little more time to refine the mouth. Especially since it's the center of your image, it's obvious that's where you want your veiwer to look, so put more time into that. His gums look a bit boring and flat, I'd add more detail and life to those gums and teeth.

3. Anatomy. His head is looking good, but the outer edge on the his left side of skull looks a bit wonky. Always remember that there is a skull in there . . . so in this case, "the skull" looks a bit odd in structure.

Hope this helps. Looking good!

gaurishankar said...

yehin hai hyderabad main. bas thoda busy hai office main.....soon i will post. caricature looks nice some different kind of drawing..

Patrick Strogulski said...

Hi Manoj,

good caricature, it's definitely Ronaldinho. Here are my suggestions, you had asked for.

I would invest more time into the scetch. The geometry is, in my opinion, not entirely conclusive. Especially the eyes and mouth area.
I always try to be sure with my sketches, befor I begin to paint.
I think the colors looks right.
What helped me, to achieve a realistic look, is to copy a black and white reference, as accurately as possible. With this exercise, I have learned a lot about light and shadow.
I try to avoid hard edges, as in the right facial area of Ronaldinho. It always looks a little bit cut out.
I also paint the background with the brush tool, to get a more unified image.

Hope i could help you, cool work.

All the best, Patrick

Jenea said...

Its very awesome!!!


Dominic Philibert said...

Nice man!

abhishek singh said...

hey manoj !!
glad to see your work evolving and becoming better with each post!
i admire your pursuit to learn and your modest way of approaching your art,
aur aapkaa vratant pard kar toh chitta prassan ho jaata hai! ki koi toh hai jo apni matra bhaasha ka itna utkrashtha prayoog karna jaantha hia .
bhaut sari subhkaamnaye aapko!

C.B. Canga said...

ha! love the way you exaggerated his gums. well done my friend.

Brijesh Rajput said...

keep it up.

Mahesh said...

Thank you Manoj,what happened? Are you busy? no new caricatures.?

Manoj Sinha said...

Great suggestions Jason and Patric. I will remember it in future.
Thanks Gauri, Brijesh, Jena, Dominic and C B Canga.
Shubhkamnaon ke liye dhanyawad Abhishek.
I was busy with some animation work in my studio, but this is not the excuse for updating my blog, but my monitor was not working almost last one month at my home.
Now I have purchased 22ninch TFT of Samsung. I will be soon here with Oprah's caricatures( little different colors and touches from Wittygraphy one) and some more Birthday caricatures of my colleagues.

Pradeep Singh Bal said...

ahahah supperb exaggeration.

"A for 'ART'.,ART for 'ANIMATION',..ANIMATION for 'ANI KARTICK.?!!HA!.HA.!!.HA!!" said...


Telugu Cartoon said...

Wonderful caricature. I love it a lot. No suggestions only best compliments. Well done my friend.